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TMJ disorder is a term referencing issues regarding the temporomandibular joints, which connect the upper and lower jaw to the head. The first symptoms of TMJ disorder is a constant dull ache located around either the temples or ears. This is often accompanied by pain when using the mouth while either eating or chewing.

The origin of TMJ disorder is usually an inflammation from an overworking of the jaw, such as teeth grinding or jaw clenching. TMJ disorder can also be caused by previous dislocations, arthritis, and an injury to the ball and socket joint.

The type of treatment needed for a TMJ disorder depends on how the disorder developed. We at Tree City Family Dental employ a two-step system to be sure treatment is effective. The first part of the treatment will involve the patient eating only soft foods and/or applying heat packets to the jaw to sooth the muscles. If these treatments do not work, more advanced options will be used by your physician.

If the TMJ disorder is because of teeth grinding at night, the patient will be prescribed a custom mouth guard to wear while asleep. The doctor will fit the guard to make sure it will slip while chewing so you will avoid damaging your teeth. The guard will also help ease tension in the jaw muscles. A mouth guard prescription is usually accompanied by rehab exercises to help strengthen the jaw muscles. Medications are also prescribed to help relax the muscles and also fight off inflammation.

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