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Dental damage can arise in multiple ways. Not only can numerous foods and substances you are consuming damage your smile, but so to can harmful activities and habits in your day-to-day life. Thus, a prevention plan should always be used to limit the risk factors in your life that can potentially lead to dental damage. The more you do to keep your smile safe and lower your risk of dental damage, the less likely it is to occur.

Dental damage that arises from wearing mouth jewelry is well-documented. This is because mouth jewelry can produce a plethora of oral health hazards to your smile. Whether you choose lip or tongue rings, you run the risk of oral inflammation, cracked teeth, choking, or even infectious diseases. In addition, tongue rings come with the added risk of potential nerve damage.

Other unhealthy habits that can destroy your smile in seconds include sports. Sports often produce numerous risks including blunt trauma at any moment. Thus, you should always wear the appropriate safety gear to keep your smile safe.

Furthermore, avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking or using drugs, as they are known to produce dental damage in numerous forms, including eventual tooth loss and cancer.

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