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Several oral health risks and tooth hazards are often present with lifestyle choices you may have. Furthermore, you can end up causing severe dental damage if you are using your teeth in ways they are not assigned. Several forms of dental damage can often arise by chewing on in inedible products.

It is well known that if you bite your nails, it can cause dental damage in the form of chips and cracks to your teeth. This is because the bite force used for nails is directed to specific areas of your tooth, which can increase the likelihood of a fracture.  Furthermore, chewing on pencils or pen caps as well as other inedible products has been shown to cause dental damage. Avoid these tooth hazards and bad habits whenever possible.

Other unhealthy habits that can destroy and damage your smile include using products that are known to stain and discolored teeth, as well as cause bad breath. Unhealthy habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco are known for staining teeth and causing bad breath. Also, be aware that these substances can increase the risk for stained teeth. If your teeth do end up stained, visit your dentist for a tooth whitening treatment.

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