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Are you familiar with the effect that mouth jewelry can have on your oral health care? Although mouth jewelry may seem fairly safe, it can put your gums and teeth at risk for serious damage.
The risks of mouth jewelry include the following:

– Due to the size of most mouth jewelry, they are continual choking hazards that, if broken off, could put your life in danger.
– Due to open wounds instigated by mouth jewelry, your risk for oral infections increases, including the perils of serious infections such as hepatitis or endocarditis.
– Mouth jewelry that contains robust plastic or metal pieces can easily swing around and chip and crack teeth.
– Mouth jewelry can make daily oral hygiene routines more difficult and less effective.
– Frequently, individuals find themselves playing with their mouth jewelry with their tongue, which can swing around the pieces and heighten your risk for tooth enamel or gum damage.
– Some individuals may be allergic to the pieces in a lip or tongue ring.
– Mouth jewelry, especially tongue jewelry, can cause everlasting nerve damage when applied.

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