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In several instances, you could end up doing more damage to your teeth than helping them if you fail to replace any missing teeth you may have. You can’t always save teeth that need to be extracted, as it can often help to prevent further damage to your mouth. However, damage can also occur when missing teeth are not replaced.

Damage arising from missing teeth is due to the fact that the gaps left behind can become havens for plaque buildup and can even cause your jawbone to weaken and your gums to destabilize. If your gums destabilize, it can lead to tooth slippage, which allows your other teeth to slip and slide around. However, with reliable tooth prosthetics such as dental bridges in place, it will hold other nearby and neighboring teeth in place.

Several other benefits of having dental bridges, also known as fix partial dentures, can be had as well. They can restore limited abilities lost due to chewing and eating skills, which can also be true if you have lost your upper front teeth and have suffered hindrances in your speech. Another common occurrence of dental bridges is the fact that your bites stability will suffer if you have any missing teeth. In order to help reverse these effects, make sure that bite distribution across your mouth is correct.

Because dental bridges will blend seamlessly with your smile and match up with your other nearby teeth, they are wonderful treatments to improve your oral health aesthetic appearance. Furthermore, there are no food restrictions because they are permanently attached and anchored to nearby teeth allowing them to fit comfortably in your mouth without the worry of ever moving around.

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