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You may not have a castle, or a fleet of soldiers at your beck and whim, or a trusted steed to accompany you on perilous outings of daring adventure, but a royal smile is just around the corner. The heroic and valiant dentists at Tree City Family Dental will strive to give you the best of smiles, and swear their allegiance by providing you with the best possible service in all the land. With CEREC® dental crowns, you can find yourself at the top of the class, and cover up any flaws in your smile, in as little as one afternoon. CEREC crowns have many benefits:

Same-day crowns: can be made and installed in a single visit

No metals: the crowns are made out of 100% biocompatible ceramic material, thus eliminating the need for any metals

Fillings: the material used for to make CEREC can also be used for fillings

No need for temporary crowns: the custom-designed CEREC crown is the only one that will be installed on your tooth

Longevity: potential lifespan of decades if properly cared for

Accuracy: Dr. Connaughton can have more input on the final design of the crown, and can thus make sure it’s as perfectly fitting as possible

Even if your grand old days of yore have long since passed, it doesn’t mean your royal treatment should as well. Come visit our knights of the teeth and gums today at our dental headquarters in Boise, Idaho, or call us at 208-286-2699. We look forward to hearing from you soon!