The tools available with this technology enable Dr. Connaughton and Dr. Bator to reduce the risk of treatments as well as plan surgical care with more accuracy. Since Tree City Family Dental also employs CEREC®, implant placement is guided by the optimal placement of final restoration. The final restoration is designed on CEREC, and this information is used to plan the precise placement of implants. Scans from the Galileos® Digital Cone Beam CT are also used to create very accurate surgical guides that reduce surgery time.

We want our patients to receive the best dental care possible, which is why we invested in the latest technology in dental diagnostics such as the Galileos® 3D Dental Cone Beam CT, which has benefits like:

  • Lowest radiation possible
  • Easy and short process (taking less than 15 seconds of scan time)
  • Immediate virtual diagnosis and treatment planning in one visit
  • Safer for you
  • Less surgical time
  • Easy to coordinate treatment with other members of the dental team
Galileos® 3D Dental Cone Beam CT machine

For decades, dentists have relied upon X-rays for diagnosis and the planning of treatments. Generally, the format has served them well. However, there are times when the two-dimensional nature of X-ray scans can prove misleading or render results inconclusive. Because we want to provide you with the finest, most accurate care possible, we always keep an eye on advancing technologies, looking for the next great breakthrough that can be utilized to improve your experience with us and our practice in general.

One such breakthrough is the Galileos cone beam technology, an advanced type of digital radiography that can provide our dentist with a three-dimensional digital image of your entire mouth, even areas that are not commonly visible to the human eye like the structures beneath your teeth and gums. The model even includes teeth roots and internal canals. Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) scans take only seconds, limiting your exposure to radiation. There is no doubt that this technology is a great improvement over standard x-rays.

For more information about the advantages of 3D imaging in Boise, Idaho, we invite you to contact us today.