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When a tooth is lost to an untreated cavity or a treatment-based extraction, the void in your mouth will certainly impair your ability to chew food. If the missing tooth was in the front of your mouth it could also alter your ability to speak clearly while leaving you with an unattractive smile.

If you delay having the tooth restored the structural change in the area could start to alter the alignment of the nearby teeth. Over time this could lead to chips and dental fractures on the related teeth in your bite pattern.

To help prevent these complications and restore the basic function of your mouth, a dentist like Dr. Connaughton and Dr. Bator might recommend replacing the missing tooth with a dental bridge.

The treatment process typically takes two separate appointments. It starts with him preparing the two teeth neighboring the void by removing the tooth enamel. The remaining core structures, known as abutments will serve to anchor the dental bridge in place.

It will then be produced in a dental lab according to exacting standards. When it’s ready you will need to return to Tree City Family Dental to have it installed onto the abutments with a strong dental adhesive.

If you live in the Boise, Idaho, area, and you have recently lost a tooth, you should call 208-286-2699 to explore the dental restorations available at Tree City Family Dental.