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Cavities can wreak havoc on your teeth and oral health. Did you know, they can lead to tooth loss, gum disease, and even bone loss? Yes, it’s true! That is why treating cavities can be essential to maintaining a healthy smile through the years.

Our dentists, Drs. Connaughton and Bator, offer many treatments for them depending on your specific needs. To help you understand the urgency of treating cavities, our team at Tree City Family Dental in Boise, Idaho, is here to share some information on the subject.

Here are some basic facts on how cavities can cause you troubles:
– Erosion: If a cavity is not treated, future erosion to the tooth can continue to occur.
– Tooth discomfort: Various levels of discomfort can be felt if a hole in your tooth enamel has formed.
– Tooth loss: Tooth loss can be a known oral health risk.
– Infection: Bacteria that seeps through them and into a tooth can lead to infection and disease.
– Pulp death: If a pulp is damaged due to a cavity that allows bacteria to seep into a tooth, the pulp must be removed to save the tooth.
– Future risks: Future risks to a tooth may often be present with one that is left untreated.

Don’t let cavities cause you trouble, come in to get them repaired today! Our dental team is happy to assist you with any questions you may have concerning your teeth and oral health concerns. So, call us today at 208-286-2699 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting with you.