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If you consume a lot of dark foods and drinks, use tobacco or have had your smile for a long time, you may notice your teeth becoming stained and dull, leaving you feeling self-conscious. Dr. Connaughton is pleased to offer many teeth whitening options to help you lighten your smile. Many patients are interested in trying teeth whitening strips, and we invite you to learn more about the efficacy of this treatment.

Teeth whitening strips are made of clear plastic strips that include a special hydrogen peroxide in a topical form to help the strips whiten your teeth. Some patients prefer to wear the whitening strips while going about their day because the strips are virtually invisible to the casual observer when worn on the teeth. While wearing the whitening strips, we advise against using tobacco or eating and drinking.

The topical hydrogen peroxide that is used on the whitening strips can help lighten the look of minor surface stains but is not strong enough to address deeply stained tooth enamel. The type of tooth stains that can develop from consuming a frequent amount of dark beverages and foods typically require a more potent whitening treatment such as professional teeth whitening performed by our dentist.

To learn more about improving your staining issues with teeth whitening in Boise, Idaho, contact Tree City Family Dental at 208-286-2699 today to speak with our team and schedule your custom consultation. We are excited to help you develop a custom treatment plan to achieve your glowing dream smile!